#007: Psychedelic Crisis Counseling at Burning Man with Seth Pearson

Did you know that there are actually counselors out there that help people that are tripping on psychedelics through a potential psychedelic crisis?

 Wanna know more? I’m on top of it…

Welcome to episode number seven where we’re going be talking about psychedelic crisis counseling.

But first, you may or may not have heard of Burning Man, a temporary metropolis in the Nevada desert that’s dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. But what’s it really like? Are the people there all on drugs? And if so, how does Burning Man ensure their guests stay safe? Well in this episode, you’ll learn about a harm reduction organization that partners with Burning Man called The Zendo Project.

Second, have you ever wondered about people that have taken psychedelics like mushrooms or LSD? What happens if someone is having a hard time with the experience and perceives it to be a psychedelic crisis… do they just have to ride it out? Or is there anything someone can do to help them?  Well in this episode, you’ll learn about the four pillars of psychedelic crisis counseling and how anyone can use these pillars to talk someone through a difficult psychedelic experience.

My guest today is Seth Pearson (@SethPearson), who is a psychedelic crisis counselor for the Zendo Project. He has experience working several years at one of the wildest places on earth: Burning Man. Now, not only does he act as a psychedelic crisis counselor, but he’s also a self-love counselor and teaches people how they can practice self-love in their daily lives. As a bonus, in this episode, you’ll learn some tips to practice self-love in your daily lives so you can be your best self.



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If any listeners have experience with trip sitting, the Jon Top of It community would love to hear from you…

What was it like to tripsit someone? And did you learn anything through doing it?

Let me know in the comments.


What is a psychedelic?2:18
What is a psychedelic crisis?4:18
What is Burning Man? 1/26:28
How Shambhala music festival practices harm reduction.9:39
What is Burning Man? 2/211:29
Burning Man: The burning of the man.15:23
What is the Zendo Project?18:48
Seth’s first experience with the Zendo Project.19:14
How Seth’s perceived psychedelic crisis got him through his fear of death.26:11
The Zendo Project mission, vision, and accomplishments.29:11
What is it like being a psychedelic crisis counselor?32:18
What is the “set” in set and setting?35:05
What are the four pillars of psychedelic harm reduction?35:33
How psychedelics can help someone process trauma.37:29
What is the “setting” in set & setting?39:46
Dealing with fearing how psychedelics could change you.56:20
What’s most difficult about being a psychedelic crisis counselor?1:02:52
What the most rewarding part about being a psychedelic crisis counselor?1:05:57
How Seth became a self-love counselor.1:08:05
Defining self-love.1:11:27
How to practice self-love when you don’t feel like it.1:13:29
Tips to start practicing self-love.1:18:28

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#003 How to Embrace Change with Nathan Ashby

Self-Starter. Performer. Experimenter. Originally hailing from London, England, Nathan Ashby has leveraged his passion for travel and hard work to acquire a multitude of world experiences to push himself forward in life through embracing change and the fear that naturally comes with it. Over the course of his life so far, he’s traveled the world, eventually relocating to the United States, started over with forming relationships, and has worked in many different industries, finding his place in life.

In this episode, you’ll hear his story on how he learned to embrace the many changes in his life. You’ll also learn some tactics on how to become more resilient so you can bounce back from changes in your life, stronger than ever before.


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  • Moving to America and starting over 1:19
  • Adapting to Hawaiian culture 6:07
  • Lessons learned from moving to a new country 8:45
  • Trying different jobs 14:01
  • Embracing change 20:57
  • Why feeling fear is good 22:02
  • Transitioning into the corporate world 30:00
  • Transferrable skills 33:18
  • Reasons people fear change 1/2 36:56
  • Major life changes 39:28
  • Avoiding the hedonic treadmill 42:59
  • Reasons people fear change 2/2 46:46
  • Transferrable Skills 2/2 49:09
  • What does adapting to change mean to Jon Meisburg? 53:12
  • Going through multiple changes at once 54:50
  • Formative years and adapting to change 58:29
  • What makes a relationship last 1:01:58
  • How the universe can force you to change 1:04:47
  • How to be more resilient 1:08:41
  • Can negative emotion be used in a positive way? 1:10:10
  • Is forgiveness necessary to move on? 1:21:51
  • The Hedonic Treadmill 1:24:29
  • Final Words 1:27:30



If any listeners have any experience with change, I’d love to hear from you…

How have you been able to embrace change and become more resilient?

Let me know in the comments.

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