#005: Get high…quality cannabis experiences with Izaak Fukuyama

Did you know, with a few simple tips and tricks, you too can get high…quality cannabis experiences? Wanna know more? I’m on top of it.

Welcome to episode number five, where we’re going to be talking all about cannabis, what it can do for you, and provide some tips and tricks in order to take out a lot of the guesswork on your part so you can make better, more informed choices as a cannabis consumer.

First, there’s so many options when it comes to selecting and using cannabis. How do you know what’s right for you? Well in this episode, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to get started.

Next, if you’re suffering from any health issues, it may be because your body systems are out of balance. Well in this episode, we’ll learn how cannabis has the ability to bring balance to your body systems, which could potentially cure your health issues.

Also, you may have heard people consuming something known as CBD by itself to treat pain and anxiety. But in fact, consuming CBD without THC is actually much less effective than consuming them together (something known as the Entourage Effect). In this episode, we’ll explore this further and discuss what ratio of CBD to THC could be right for you.

My guest today is Izaak Fukuyama, who works in the Washington State cannabis industry since it became legal and has a lot of experience. In this episode, he’ll share his experience, explain why you should support ethically-grown farms, and offer tips and tricks for all things cannabis.



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If any listeners have experience with cannabis, the Jon Top of It community would love to hear from you…

What cannabis tips and tricks can you share?

Let me know in the comments.


Izaak’s journey into cannabis2:12
Introducing your endocannabinoid system10:28
Your endocannabinoid system might be out of balance13:03
Symptoms of a malfunctioning endocannabinoid system13:59
Supplementing a endocannabinoid deficincy15:56
Cannabis: a great way to supplement endocannabinoids18:54
How THC gets you high 20:52
How Izaak describes being high.22:58
How “runners high” is similar to THC25:14
The entourage effect (why you need THC & CBD)29:17
Why you should ask your cannabis store for test results34:26
What CBD/THC ratio is right for me?40:36
Best way to get someone hesitant started with CBD41:39
Beyond getting high: the medicial benefits of THC PT147:10
How prohibition affected THC in cannabis.48:18
Beyond getting high: the medicial benefits of THC PT251:04
Treating wounds with THC extract 51:39
How THC can “potentially” help with cancer53:34
How THC can help with nausea and appetite57:37
How THC can treat sleep disorders1:00:02
How CBD can help with anxiety1:01:06
How CBD can help PTSD1:03:54
How do terpenes in cannabis affect us?1:08:13
How the terpene “mercene” causes couch lock.1:11:04
Known therapeutic benefits of the terpene “mercene”1:11:32
How the terpene “pineine” can help with memory1:12:36
Known therapeutic benefits of the terpene “pineine”1:13:26
How do I know what strain of cannabis is right for me?1:14:01
Why Indica and Sativa are not useful terms1:17
How the website Leafly can help you1:20:41
Cannabis side effects and how to avoid some of them1:21:28
The number of people that overdosed on cannabis: zero1:22:43
Safety concern #1: Brain is developing until age 261:23:39
Safety concern #2: Chronic use1:25:57
Safety concern #3: memory issues from chronic use1:26:59
Safety Concern #4: Smoking1:28:23
Options on consuming cannabis1:30:40
Heat points important for different strains of cannabis1:32:17
What is dabbing cannabis?1:33:49
What is vaping cannabis?1:34:23
Benefits of cannabis flower vs. extract1:36:16
Get the most bang for your buck with cannabis products1:37:23
Seattle Store: Dockside Cannabis1:39:18
Different ways of consuming can affect you differently1:40:53
That one time I accidently got high for three days1:43:41
How edibles affects people differently1:44:40
Tip #1: Start low and go slow1:47:34
Tip #2: Avoid germs1:48:19
Tip #3: What to do if you’ve gotten too high1:49:40
Tip #4: Don’t inhale more than five seconds1:50:53
Tip #5: Don’t use grinders1:51:26
WA citizens can’t legally home grow…yet.1:54:58
Why cannabis regulation is important1:57:06
The WA cannabis industry: what they did right1:58:50
WA Cannabis Industry Opportunity:2:02:09
What is the Sun Cup?2:06:33
Why you should prefer sun-grown cannabis2:09:30
How you can make a difference in cannabis legalization2:13:25
Why supporting cannabis grown indoor is unsustainable2:15:50
WA Cannabis Industry Opportunity: regulating pricing2:17:08
Why you shouldn’t select cannabis based on its name2:20:52
Q&A: How do I keep track of Sativa & Indica’s effects?2:21:52
Q&A: Which cannabis oil processing method is best for maintaining the entourage effect?2:24:07
Q&A: What’s being done about white privledge in the cannabis industry?2:25:23
Q&A: How has corporate cannabis businesses in WA affected small cannabis businesses?2:28:00
Q&A: Should more attention be put on the negative effects of cannabis?2:31:35
Q&A: Cannabis stocks, cryptocurrency, and upcoming regulation?2:35:54
Q&A: How is medical and recreational cannabis different?2:37:27
The final word2:39:23






Raw CO2 Oil

Enhanced Joints (Flower + Concentrates)

  • Trifecta Joints from Puffin Farm (Very heavy hitting. Typically in Hindu Kush. Meant to be shared with a group.)



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