#009 – Controversial Pregnancy Topics with Nicole Meisburg

I recently found out that I’m going to be a father! So naturally, my mind began to contemplate all the things you have to consider when getting ready to be a parent. And the more I researched, the more I realized how controversial some choices can be. That’s why I decided this would be an interesting topic for the Jon Top of It show.

My guest today is my wonderful wife Nicole Meisburg, who has graciously allowed me to interview her…again! In this episode, we’ll deep dive into some common controversial pregnancy topics such as:

• Homebirth vs hospital birth
• Traditional vs nontraditional baby names
• Circumcision
• Maternity leave length
• Work vs stay-at-home mom
• Breastfeeding vs formula
• Gender-neutral parenting
• Religion and your baby
• Parenting styles




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If you’re a pregnant woman/parent, we’d love to hear from you…

What controversial pregnancy topics have you dealt with? What did you decide and why?

Let me know in the comments.

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