#002 Making A Difference In Today’s Political Environment with Nathan McKay

Ambitious. Passionate. Dedicated. Nathan McKay (@Nathan_D_McKay) was the former Vice Chair of Field Operations and Data for the Duval County Democrats and is currently a board member on North East Florida progressives, and President of Jacksonville Young Democrats. In 2018, he campained for Florida candidate for governor Andrew Gillum. He loves advocating for his fellow American and is willing to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to help a political cause he believes in.

In this episode, we talk about how to make a difference in today’s political environment, why voting really matters, and how to have more productive political discussions on social media.


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  • Campaigning for Governor of Florida: Andrew Gillum [skipto time=”1:30″]
  • Meeting Joe Biden [skipto time=”10:11″]
  • Nathan’s motivation to get involved in campaigning [skipto time=”11:25″]
  • How could a listener get involved? [skipto time=”14:34″]
  • Local Government Intervention Example: Lime Bike [skipto time=”16:15″]
  • Why do you think Trump won? [skipto time=”29:09″]
  • Will Trump win in 2020? [skipto time=”38:37″]
  • Why we need rank choice voting. [skipto time=”44:28 “]
  • What will be the big issues in 2020? [skipto time=”49:00″]
  • Why should people vote? [skipto time=”1:01:12″]
  • Fake News [skipto time=”1:05:25″]
  • Hacking Voting Machines [skipto time=”1:06:55″]
  • Regaining trust in our elections. [skipto time=”1:10:30″]
  • How can you detect fake news? [skipto time=”1:13:47″]
  • How to have productive political conversations on social media. [skipto time=”1:17:26″]
  • Q&A from the audience [skipto time=”1:22:47″]



If any listeners have any political experience, I’d love to hear from you…

How have you been able to make a difference in today’s political environment?

Let me know in the comments.

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