#006: The life of a transgender porn star with Jordyn Starstruck

Ever wonder what it’s like being transgender? What about being a transgender porn star that manages a five-story dungeon? Wanna know more? I’m on top of it.

Welcome to episode number 6 where we’re going to be talking what it’s like, not only being transgender, but a transgender porn star.

My guest today is Jordyn Starstruck (@PrincessJordynS) who is a transgender porn star. Not only is she is an erotic actress with over 28 thousand followers on Twitter, but she considers herself to be a professional dominatrix and even manages a five-story dungeon.

In this episode, we’ll talk about what it’s like realizing you’re transgender, what “coming out” can be like, and things in general that people should know about being transgender.

Next, we’ll talk about what it’s like working in the adult entertainment industry as a  transgender woman, as well as some common misconceptions.

And finally, we’ll discuss some interesting transgender-related questions from our Jon Top of It audience on social media.



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If any listeners have experience with transgender issues, the Jon Top of It community would love to hear from you…

What do you wish people knew about being transgender?

Let me know in the comments.


When I realized I was transgender.[skipto time=”1:21″]
What “coming out” was like.[skipto time=”2:13″]
Things I wish people knew about being Transgender.[skipto time=”3:32″]
Working in the adult entertainment industry.[skipto time=”6:16″]
How I got into the adult entertainment industry.[skipto time=”7:18″]
What’s it like working in the adult entertainment industry.[skipto time=”8:45″]
Managing a dungeon.[skipto time=”9:19″]
My favorite part about working in the adult entertainment industry.[skipto time=”11:03″]
Common misconceptions about being a Transgender pornstar.[skipto time=”12:54″]
Does the adult entertainment industry treat Transgender people the same as Cisgender?[skipto time=”14:30″]
Q&A: What is your relationship with drag?[skipto time=”15:46″]
Do you think being a Transgender pornstar helps or impedes the LBGT movement?[skipto time=”17:38″]
Q&A: What do you think of Rocky Horror Picture Show?[skipto time=”19:36″]
Final word[skipto time=”19:58″]

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