#004: Speed up your Computer and Internet with Matt Tochterman

Did you know that there are some quick and easy things you can do to make your Internet faster and your computer perform better? Wanna know more? I’m on top of it.

Welcome to episode number 4 where we’re going to be talking all about networking, the Internet, and the computers we use with them.

First, whether you use a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or just your smartphone, they’re all the same thing at their core – computers. And if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve experience your computer running slower than usual at some point. Well in this episode, we’ll learn how to keep your computer performing at its best.

Second, whether you live in an apartment or a huge house, you probably have a router wirelessly sending Internet to your computer to use. But have you ever noticed that the connection is weaker in some areas than others? Well in this episode, we’ll learn how you can use a mesh network to make your Internet faster.

And finally, if you work in a company where you connect to their internet, I’m sure you’ve wondered before – is someone spying on what I’m doing online? And if they are, what do they care about? Well in this episode, we’ll learn the truth…and a whole lot more.

My guest today is Matt Tochterman, who is a Network Specialist at the University of Washington. He has a ton of experience working not only in network support but in computer support as well. He also has a ton of experience practicing patience. We’ll learn why by hearing some of his best/worst/and funniest stories supporting employees.


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  • What is a network specialist? [skipto time=”3:10″]
  • How did you get into working as a network specialist? [skipto time=”4:13″]
  • Are network specialists spying on employees? [skipto time=”5:38″]
  • What happens when an employee accesses NSFW content? [skipto time=”10:16″]
  • What % of employees see network specialists as “big brother”? [skipto time=”13:41″]
  • How do you prioritize bandwidth? [skipto time=”17:05″]
  • What can you do with a gigabit Internet connection? [skipto time=”20:38″]
  • What smart devices do you have on your network? [skipto time=”22:37″]
  • What is a mesh network? [skipto time=”27:41″]
  • Mesh network: case study [skipto time=”32:10″]
  • Does being a network specialist make you better at networking with people? [skipto time=”37:23″]
  • Common IT support categories [skipto time=”40:46″]
  • Dealing with frustration from supporting employees [skipto time=”43:07″]
  • Zen and the art of IT support [skipto time=”44:43″]
  • Learning to be patient people that need tech support. [skipto time=”47:34″]
  • Friends that only act like friends when they want tech support [skipto time=”51:25″]
  • That one time a computer I was trying to fix caught on fire [skipto time=”52:43″]
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? [skipto time=”54:01″]
  • What is RAM? [skipto time=”55:50″]
  • Humor (Pebkac & Layer 8 Issues) [skipto time=”57:09″]
  • Do you solve employee’s issues for them or show them how to solve on their own? [skipto time=”58:23″]
  • Awkward moments remotely connecting to other people’s computer [skipto time=”59:21″]
  • Remote desktop and practical jokes [skipto time=”59:56″]
  • What was your worst experience supporting an employee? [skipto time=”1:01:45″]
  • What was your funniest experience supporting an employee? [skipto time=”1:03:54″]
  • Frustrating employee support experiences [skipto time=”1:05:07″]
  • What solution have you come up with to support a customer that would make MacGyver proud? [skipto time=”1:09:38″]
  • How to effectively manage your electronics cables [skipto time=”1:12:06″]
  • What can someone do to make their computer perform better? [skipto time=”1:15:05″]
  • What can someone do to make their phone perform better? [skipto time=”1:17:10″]
  • What is malware? [skipto time=”1:18:51″]
  • Why you should read before clicking Next when installing software [skipto time=”1:19:41″]
  • Increasing PC performance with MSCONFIG. [skipto time=”1:23:07″]
  • How to quickly install multiple PC programs at once. [skipto time=”1:25:57″]
  • How do VPNs work and what does my ISP know about my Internet activity? [skipto time=”1:27:08″]
  • What VPN provider would you recommend? [skipto time=”1:30:18″]
  • Why do I have to plug a USB cable in six times before it goes into its port? [skipto time=”1:30:47″]
  • How do you handle project management and learning new skills? [skipto time=”1:31:38″]
  • Final tips & tricks recommendations from Matt [skipto time=”1:36:55″]


If any listeners have experience with optimizing their network and/or computer, I’d love to hear from you…

What tips and tricks can you share to help your Internet and computer perform better?

Let me know in the comments.

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